Software and BIM modeling


We have a suite of software allowing the realization of the modelizations for each of the missions and operations which are entrusted to us.

Acoustics and vibrations

  • room acoustics modeling: CATT Acoustics
  • modeling in environmental acoustics : CadnaA, AcouS PROPA
  • building acoustics modeling : Acoubat, Insul
  • modeling in vibration response : Robot Structural Analysis
  • measurements : dBTrait, dBTrig


  • modeling in artificial and natural lighting : Dialux, Dialux EVO, IES-Radiance
  • photosimulation in lighting : Photoshop

Modelers and BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • 2D et 3D drawing : Autocad, Sketchup, 3ds Max
  • model management : REVIT, REVIT Live
  • simulation of acoustic performance of buildings : AcoubatBIM