Acoustician - Acoustic consultant





General domains

  • Architectural acoustics (ou building acoustics)
  • Environmental noise
  • Industrial acoustics
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Vibration

Specialized domains

  • Room acoustics
  • Electro acoustics
  • Wood construction acoustics
  • Micro vibration
  • Construction noise monitoring


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Acoustics for architecture and environment

Our fields of intervention cover a wide field of acoustic and vibration engineering.

From conception to realization, our research department proposes a methodological approach of the consulting profession guaranteeing to the actors of the construction the assimilation of the use and the functionality of the project.

We develop objectives and technical solutions specific to the destination of the project.

acousticien batiment

We work with respect for the architectural bias and ensure the technical as well as the fi nancial feasibility of our prescriptions.

We are part of a reasoned sustainable development approach and bring sustainable solutions.

We particularly value the anticipation and planning of the exchanges between the project’s stakeholders as well as the responsiveness and transparency, guaranteeing the success of the project.

Architectural acoustics

Construction faces many problems that require the implementation of technical solutions adapted to the usual and regulatory criteria.

This concern includes the acoustic insulation between premises of the same building and the insulation of a building vis-à-vis external noise (road traffic, rail, air, …).

Room acoustics

Depending on the use of a room (amplified music concerts, classical music concerts, multipurpose room, conference rooms, etc.), different criteria and adapted objectives can guarantee a quality internal acoustics.

Wood construction

In addition to the usual acoustic themes encountered in the design of a building, the wood construction raises specific issues such as acoustic insulation at low frequencies and vibro-acoustic aspects of propagation of impact noise.

Environmental noise

Sites with activities generating high levels of sound in the environment: industries, recreational and sports equipment, land and rail infrastructure, air transport.

Vibration analysis

The vibratory phenomena encountered in the field of construction arise from vibratory excitation by mechanical action of various machines on a frame.

The vibratory levels generated propagate in the structural elements of the building.

Electro acoustics

The installation of a powerful sound system in a room or outside requires to ensure compliance with the regulations in force vis-à-vis the neighborhood noise.

It is essential to study the constructive elements of the building envelope and possibly to limit the sound levels to the use.